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In The Room

Helping actors navigate the industry, book jobs and live full lives.
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Applications will re-open in Spring/Summer 2024 for the next round of Adele's flagship coaching program - for actors who want to get unstuck!


Hi, I'm Adele. 👋🏽

Welcome! Let me tell you a little bit about me...

I became an actor because I have always been curious about people and an avid dream chaser... but I created In The Room because I noticed that none of the acting schools, courses, or "bIz oF tHe InDuStry" acting coaches out there are giving us the complete comprehensive package of holistic tools that we all need to navigate the industry, smash auditions and live a full and happy life in the process - AKA thrive, rather than just survive!


At least, no one with real-world experience of navigating the industry themselves in real-time is...

You see, I know first-hand what the cost of chasing your dreams can be, and the struggles you are facing daily. There have been many points in my own career where I have felt overwhelmed, shut out by "the industry", and alone.

But you can be the gate keeper of your own acting career. And it is possible to be successful whilst thriving in the rest your life as well. My clients and I are proof of that.

So, if you are ready to level up, I can't wait to help you WIN!


"If anyone is struggling with audition technique or the industry and is finding themselves in a rut, choosing Adele as your coach would be the best thing you could ever do for your career."



"Brick walls aren't there to stop you. They're there to give you a chance to see how bad you want it."

- Viola Davis

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